Monday, December 3, 2007

Alexandru Dobrogeanu-Gherea or Alexandru Gherea (rendered in Russian as Александр Доброджану-Геря or Доброжану-Гере - Aleksandr Dobrodzhanu-Gerya /Dobrozhanu-Gere; July 7, 1879, Ploieşti1938, in the Soviet Union) was a Romanian communist militant and son of socialist, sociologist and literary critic Constantin Dobrogeanu-Gherea. He also used the pseudonyms of G. Alexe and Saşa/Sasha.

Alexandru Dobrogeanu-Gherea Communism
From 1932, he lived in the Soviet Union, working as a journalist and holding official positions in the Comintern. Gherea translated some of Vladimir Lenin's works into Romanian.
Together with the majority of Romanian communists inside the Soviet Union, after attracting Joseph Stalin's suspicion, he fell victim to the Great Purge: arrested in 1936, he was executed two years later.
In April 1968, Nicolae Ceauşescu's regime chose to investigate and exonerate most of the former Party members to have died in the period, Dobrogeanu-Gherea included. A similar measure had been taken inside the Soviet state in the previous decade, during Nikita Khrushchev's process of De-Stalinization.

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