Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ladislaus II of Hungary
Ladislaus II or László II (Hungarian: II. László; Slovak: Ladislav II., Croatian: Ladislav I.), (1131January 14, 1163), was King of Hungary from 1162 to 1163.
Ladislaus was the second son of King Béla II of Hungary by Jelena of Serbia. In 1137, his father named him Duke of Bosnia, but Ladislaus quarreled with his brother Géza II and was forced into exile. Like his younger brother Stephen, Ladislaus sought the support of the Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Komnenos.
After the death of Géza II in May 1162, the throne passed to his young son Stephen III, but the Byzantine emperor threatened the Hungarian nobility, forcing it to accept Ladislaus as king. The reign of Ladislaus lasted for only about half a year, from July 15, 1162 to his death on January 14, 1163. Almost nothing is known about his short reign. Already recognized his brother's heir, Stephen IV succeeded to the throne. By a wife whose name is unknown, Ladislaus had a daughter, Mária.
In medieval times, he was not counted as a king (being only an anti-king). So Ladislaus III was also counted as Ladislaus II.

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