Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Roslin (sometimes spelt Rosslyn) is a village in Midlothian, Scotland, to the south of the Scottish capital city Edinburgh. It is situated approximately 12 miles (20 km) from Edinburgh Airport.
The name Roslin derives from the Celtic words "ross", a rocky promontory, and "lynn", a waterfall. Legend has it the village was founded in 203 A.D. by Asterius, a Pict.Another possible name orgin of Roslin is the ley line named Roseline that runs directly through the chapel at Rosslyn; but this seems unlikely as no direct proof has ever been found that ley lines exist. Roslin became important as the seat of the St. Clair family. In 1456 King James II granted it the status of a burgh. Coal mining has been a major occupation from the twelfth to the late twentieth centuries. The village was put in the world media spotlight when hollywood,s Tom Hanks & co came to Roslin September 2005 to film the blockbusting movie the Da Vinci Code, locals put on a party & invited the cast & crewe to celebrate the revelations as disclosed in the fact-fiction book written by Dan Brown. As a direct result 175000 pilgrim,s made the journey to the village the year the film was released, to make there own conclusion,s. There is now a country park in Roslin Glen.
The Dunedin, New Zealand suburb of Roslyn was named after Roslin; as was Roslindale, Boston, Massachusetts as well as Roslin, Ontario, Canada.
Roslin, Scotland Rosslyn Chapel
Roslin Castle
Battle of Roslin, 1303 [1]
Roslin Institute, where Dolly the Sheep was cloned.

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